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    Hey I have created this group to give useful links that may be of help to others. Please feel add any links that you feel might be helpful to the community. Be sure to put it in the correct category so its easy for other people
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    myself dr neha jain workinf as sub - i in one of the international clinical trial . i request to all doctors who are involved in research field kindly join this group
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    For students of AMC Vizag
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    Strategic goals - enhance its contributions to publishing key discoveries and insightful reviews and commentaries related to rising tide of endocrine disorders which demands the attention of all clinical endocrinologists and investigators to increase unde...  more
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    Chakaraka Chakarakachak chak chak....Makaraka Makaraka mak mak mak....who are we ?....GMCites!!who are we ?....GMCites!!This group is for all GMCites as those who studied / worked at Grant Medical College, Mumbai, India are known as.Grant Medical College ...  more
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    This group is for all those who completed their graduation /postgraduation at Miraj Medical College, Miraj, Maharashtra since 1962 when the first batch of undergraduates was admitted to this college.
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    This platform is for the students of YMC,Mangalore so that the world takes notice of future in Healthcare.
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    this forum is meant to share your views on medical ethics-what they should be and what is the status of ethics in present scenario.It includes patient-doctor relationship as well as doctor-doctor relationship.
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    This group is for those daring dermatologists who believe that its the most versatile and academic branch.