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    This platform is for the students of YMC,Mangalore so that the world takes notice of future in Healthcare.
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    this forum is meant to share your views on medical ethics-what they should be and what is the status of ethics in present scenario.It includes patient-doctor relationship as well as doctor-doctor relationship.
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    This group is for those daring dermatologists who believe that its the most versatile and academic branch.
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    group for the cardiologist and any professional with major intrest in Cardeiology
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    indian orthopaedics
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    welcome to mgm group on medicspeak
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    for students of Azad university of medical science
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    In general most physicians have very vague idea about medical schools outside their home country. With the globalization of the physician work force, it becomes imperative for the global medical community to be aware of the medical schools in other countr...  more