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    A cool community where all the studends of AMC specially BDS-students can join and share their ideas ADS is providing better education in field of dentistry and oral surgeory!
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    this group is for all the students of rangarya medical college..
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    NIMS medical college is a part of the NIMS university in JAIPUR, rajasthan , India......
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    LLRM medical college, a premier medical institution of North India is located in Western part of UP about 60 kms from delhi.
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    Community for any non-medical topics
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    Most doctors are book worms. They read medical and non-medical books extensively. (I read one book a week).

    I have started this group so everyone can write reviews about the books they read and help fellow doctors in choosing what to read.

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    Its for all the single doctors in the community
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    Post MCQ's from AIIMS entrance exam
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    exclusive for all the maxillaofacial surgeons of the world!...
    A unique speciality with dental and medical apllications and wide aspects.......over the head and neck regions, which most of the people don't know.......