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    GetMedEdu is a free education portal, started in 2013. We strive to provide free medical articles, free MCQ tests and other material for general educational purpose of medical students. This is a part of our mission to present the complex medical concepts...  more
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    Mainly Medical Residency related issue will discuss here.
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    We collect the questions and good answers.
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    Discussions pertinent to musculoskeletal medicine.
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    Hi everyone. I wanted to make a group for those of you who share a passion in sci-fi/gaming as well as medicine. Let's discuss, share news, links and other good stuff. Share how you have combined your love of medicine and sci-fi!
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    any Naturopath, traditional practitioner, ND or BNYS can join this group.
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    This group is for anybody from SDM CNYS, Ujire.
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    Khyber Medical College ( KMC ) Peshawar is a very high ranked medical college in pakistan. It is recognized through out world. It is situated in Peshawar NWFP Pakistan.
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    Please post the original USMLE exam questions, that was actually asked in the exam (Step1,2 and 3). Just post all that you could recollect. It would be helpful for others